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Sheikh Al-Zindani Surprises Medical Experts by Officially Announcing AIDS Medication
  Written By: Hakim Almasmari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
April 14, 2008 


Speaking on the sidelines of the 1st Medical Conference and the 6th Medical Exhibition, Head  of Al-Eman University Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani revealed that he along with his colleagues managed to produce a medication to treat AIDS.

Al-Zindani hinted that it took his team 20 years to produce the medication, adding the medicationís effectiveness has been tested by a specialized medical team at King Abdul Aziz University and in U.S. Marines labs.  

He pointed as well that the medication has been tried in Science and Technology University on animals and it has proven to be effective as it cures the patient animal and noted that he has treated over 25 cases, 13 of which were completely cured.

Moreover, Al-Zindani mentioned that they are conducting other researches in Al-Eman University's Prophetic Medicine Center in an effort to find medications for the incurable diseases and they have managed so far to find medication for Hepatitis B and C viruses.

As for the obstacles before registering the medication and getting the patient, Al-Zindani declared that preparations are underway to officially announce the medication. He went on to say that the Yemeni Health Ministry promised to adopt the issue of patient after they gave them samples of it for testing.

In related news, Yemeni authorities earlier sent three AIDS-afflicted Libyan children back to their country as soon as they arrived in Sana'a airport. These children and others received compensations after they injected with AIDS viruses at the hands of a Palestinian doctor and Belgian nurses. 

Still, foreign experts ruled out the effectiveness of the medication and assure that it is not easy to invent such a medication, especially when highly-equipped research centers across the globe managed not to find a cure, maintaining that Al-Eman University does not have the equipments that could help the researchers there achieve this unprecedented scientific breakthrough.

In return, others state that this could be achieved especially when Al-Zindani's team, unlike international researchers who work on chemical components, depends on floral extracts.

They maintain the medication, when proven to be effective, could bring great wealth to the university which suffers hard financial difficulties, mainly after the start of is known as the 'war on terror'.