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Most Wanted Drug Dealer Arrested
  Written By: Hakim Almasmari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
21, 2008


The Specialized Penal Prosecution is still investigating with what security sources called the most dangerous drug dealer in Yemen Ali Abdullah bin Hitiqan Al-Saya’ri.

Al-Saya’ri was arrested by security forces last week in Shabwa province and was sent to Sana'a. A security source revealed that armed elements tried to intercept the security vehicles that transferred Al-Saya’ri and both sides exchange fire.

The exchange of fire resulted in killing 7 soldiers as their vehicle rolled over. The armed elements, boarding eight vehicles, fled the scene as soon as reinforcements arrived in the area without being able to release Al-Saya’ri. 

The security forces arrested Al-Saya’ri last week in a check-point while he was boarding his Hummer vehicle.

In related news, the Specialized Penal Court received the file of another drug dealer accused of smuggling 715,000 drug pills who was arrested last June in Sana'a International Airport.

In an effort to trick security officials, the defendant hid the drugs inside water heaters. Similarly, 11 Iranian sailors are trailed over possessing and trading in drugs after being arrested early this year in Al-Maharah province.

Though it is not a consuming country, Yemen has turned into a transit country for drugs exported to Gulf countries from the Southeast of Asia. Security guards have seized big quantities of drugs this year in different ways.