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Explosion rocks GPC building in Abyan
  Written By: Abdul Rahim Al-Showthabi  ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
August 11, 2008



The People General Congress building wall was attacked and taken down in Loader, Abyan, exploded last Friday by unknown elements.

Security Officials sources told media that there were no human or major physical damage caused by the incident. According to the source, the only damages were a gap in the building's wall and glass shatters inside the building.

Security officials besieged the place of the attack for a number of hours in order to complete investigating the scene. 

Meanwhile the (GPC) Chairman of Abyan's Branch said that he is waiting for the investigations' result, refusing to accuse any side to be responsible for the incident.

Last month, the same building witnessed an explosion. No one was accused of the incident.

Abyan has been the place for a number of attacks and criminal arrests this year. Last month security authorities in the district of Khanfar, Abyan governorate arrested 14 persons wanted by the security, 10 of them over explosion acts and throwing hand grenades, while the other four were accused of killing.

Three security men were wounded last March in an explosion in a security compound. Extremist elements were suspected to be behind the attacks.

Abyan has witnessed a large number of attacks led by extremists by the well known Aden-Abyan Islamic Army over the years. In December 1998, the network kidnapped 16 western tourists. During the rescue mission led by the government's forces, four tourists were killed. Suspects in the case were mostly Yemeni and some of Saudi dissidents who were targeting their own government, as well as British and US interests in the Arabian Peninsula.