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Security Authorities Hunt after Al-Qaeda Cells
  Written By: Hakim Almasmari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
August 18, 2008


Security sources told media that wide campaigns have started by security apparatuses to hunt down 35 suspects, after security authorities received valuable information from the elements arrested last week in Haramout's Tarim.

The campaign was launched in Hadramout, Abyan, and Sana'a provinces and it seeks to arrest these people, who allegedly belong to Al-Qaeda wing of Yemen.

Hadramout governor revealed that security forces discovered a second cell in Al-Mukalla, one day after Tarim's successful security operation which led to killing the most dangerous Al-Qaeda leader Hamza Al-Qa'aiti, who has been hunted for by the government for the last two years.

Al-Qa'aiti, an expert in explosives, was one of Al-Qaeda’s most dangerous and wanted members in Yemen, according to security officials.

Two Yemeni security officers and five suspected Al-Qaeda militants were killed in the same shoot-out. Security forces also arrested two Al-Qaeda suspects.

Sources mentioned that the arrested persons are Al-Qaeda members and they have been involved in the recent terrorist attacks that targeted the country, hinting that the Attorney General Abdullah Al-Ulfi issued arrest warrants for these elements.

The same sources added that the security apparatuses distributed the names and photographs of cell's members to all security checkpoints in provinces as well as border outlets.

In his turn, Hadramout governor Salem Al-Khanbashi stated to the official media that security forces managed to identify the cell's members after gathering information about them.

Al-Khanbashi pointed out that the terrorist group was planning to attack foreign facilities and interests, especially in the oil industry, the backbone for Yemen's economy. 

The initial investigations revealed that Tarim cell was responsible for a series of bombing attacks, including the suicide car bomb that killed four and injured 23 citizens at the gate of Sayoun's Central Security compound.

They are responsible as well for the attack that targeted a convoy of Belgian tourists in Hadramout's Al-Hajreen area earlier this year, killing two Belgian tourists and injuring others.

The Yemeni Satellite Channel aired last week samples of various firearms, equipments, and explosives prepared by Al-Qaeda elements for launching suicide attacks, together with important documents.

Political observers expressed their fear over the large quantity of weapons that Al-Qaeda possesses, and stressed that the security officials achieved a decisive victory by seizing big quantities of Al-Qaeda weapons.