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President Saleh Gives Orders to  Free Political Prisoners
  Written By: Moneer AL-Omari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
August 18, 2008



Opposition blocs finally decided to end their boycott of parliament after JMP leaders managed on Saturday to get written presidential orders to set free a large number of political prisoners, following a meeting with President Saleh.

Sources indicated that the prisoners that will be released from the southern peaceful movement included Ba'awn and his companions as well as Al-Khaiwani, Al-Qarni, and Mohammed Muftah among many others.

However, Head of the Constitutional and Legal Committee at parliament Ali Abu Huliqa told Al-Jazeera News Station that Saleh only ordered the release of a number of detainees from the southern political movement, and those who were not convicted.

He continued that those who are jailed over criminal acts as well as pillage and killing issues were not included because their cases are with the judiciary, and no authority can come above it.

On the other hand, offical media outlets ignored coverage of the presidential  document that was signed, and did not publish news about the matter, giving oppostion members doubt, and making analysts picture it as game that is being played by the ruling party against the opposition in order to get more cooperation from them when it comes to dealing with the formation of the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER).

Further, Huliqa noted that JMP demands are endless and denied any deal with them, stressing his party’s good will to correct the situation as for human rights issues.

He confirmed as well having dialogue with JMP and the National Council for Opposition on the elections law and other issues, maintaining that JMP is trying to fish in spoiled water.