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Drowning Claims more Lives; Traffic Accidents on Rise
  Written By: Abdul Rahim Al-Showthabi  ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
August 18, 2008



Hundreds of people died in different incidents including drowning, traffic accidents, and fires over the last 45 days, according to security reports.

Last month, 392 people died in different incidents including traffic accidents, drowning, misuse of arms, firing, and intentional and revenge killings. 

Sources indicated that 15 persons, including 11 children, died in drowning incidents and fires that took place nationwide over the last 15 days, while coastguard forces managed to rescue six people who were about to drown. 

Reports attributed these accidents to the fact that some people swim without being capable enough, together with the negligence of their families.

According to the media center of Interior Ministry, the Civil Defense Administration managed to put away 24 fire incidents across the republic over the first ten days of this month.

These accidents were caused by electrical faults, especially in commercial shops. Further, gas leakage was responsible for starting fire at houses. The administration estimated the material losses of these accidents at YR 28 million.

Similarly, the General Traffic Administration mentioned that 210 persons died in 1,180 traffic accidents recorded over the last month, with an increase of 56 death cases from last June.

Most observers describe traffic accidents as the 'silent war' as thousands of Yemenis get killed or injured yearly. Hundreds sustain untreated injuries or become permanently impaired and thus depriving the national economy from their contribution.

Such appalling figures in the fatalities of traffic and other accidents surpasses by far the victims of wars and armed clashes fought in different areas worldwide.