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Two Highway Robbers Killed; NDI Car not Released
  Written By: Hasan Al-Zaidi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
August 18, 2008



Tribal sources told the Yemen Post that two people from Al Jim'an Tribe were killed in Mareb's Magzar district in a shootout with security forces that arrived in the area, demanding the tribe to free the National Democratic Institute's (NDI) car. The NDI driver was released last month.

The sources indicated that security forces clashed with the elements who withheld the NDI car and three other cars taken after a tribal blockade between Al Jim'an and Bani Al-Harth Tribe. The clash resulted in killing two people named Tawhil and Dowas respectively.

Knowing he belongs to Bani Al-Harth Tribe, the tribal elements kidnapped the NDI driver when he was in some tribal areas in mission by the institute to implement a program for combating revenge killings in Mareb, Al-Jawf, and Shabwa.

Meanwhile, local sources revealed that security forces besieged the kidnappers for 48 hours inside Magzar's local council building, hinting that they managed to release a kidnapped person from Bani Al-Harth after exchanging fire with them. The clash resulted in killing two highway robbers.

However, the sources mentioned nothing about the three other cars still seized by the kidnappers including the NDI car.

Tribal sources stated that the state was unhappy with the prolonged seizing of  NDI's car and this prompted them to resort to force.