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Opposition Will not Boycott the Elections
  Written By:  Hakim Almasmari ( Editor-in-Chief)*
  Article Date:
August 25
, 2008 



For those who have been following the ongoing negotiations between the ruling party and the opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), you'll understand that the opposition was only threatening to boycott the next parliamentary elections, which are due to be held early next year.

I believe that both sides are in dire need of each other. From one angle, President Saleh and his ruling party will not even consider having the elections on time if it is boycotted by the opposition, and would almost surely delay the elections. On the other hand, the opposition will try to reach any sort of agreement with the ruling party to ensure that it participates in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The reason why I say this, is because I believe that the JMP will definitely learn from the Socialist Party's experience when it boycotted the parliamentary elections 12 years ago, which resulted in ending the strong  presence of the Socialist Party in Yemen.

Does the JMP really want to start from zero and risk all its gains over the years by boycotting the elections? Or does it want to show an even weaker stance when its followers decide to run in the elections as independents, ignoring the party's boycotting call?

The next couple of months will be full of surprises as both sides will be seen criticizing each other on every chance they get. However, in the end, they will all shake hands and agree, therefore, ending  the political game the same way it used to end in the past.

* Editor-in-Cheif could be reached at:  editor@yemenpost.net