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Aden-Abyan Army Leader Surrenders to Security Authorities
  Written By:  Hasan Al-Zaidi ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
September 01, 2008



Local sources in Abyan told the Yemen Post that a key fundamentalist, named Khalid Abdul Nabi, surrendered to security authorities on Friday after an intense exchange of fire between a group of his followers and security forces in Abyan's Ja'ar city.

The same sources revealed that three security men were wounded in the same operation that led to the arrest of five militants. Eye witnesses declared that Abdul Nabi's house was seen aflame.

Abdul Nabi, the leader of Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, is accused of being behind several security troubles including violent acts, bombings, etc. His group was behind Hitat kidnapping operation that took place in 1998 when a number of British tourists were killed.  

He has been hunted by security authorities for the last five-years and sources indicate that security forces were seeking to arrest Abdul Nabi's brother, Captain Ahmed.

Eye witnesses told the Post that military reinforcements were seen heading to Hitat area, a mountainous area in Abyan province to the south of Yemen, where militants seek refuge.

As early as 2003, fierce clashes occurred and it involved the army and Hitat group led by Abdul Nabi after they attacked a military medical campaign as it was heading to Shabwa.

The operation led to killing several militants and others surrendered including Abdul Nabi himself who was freed later on. 

In related news, negotiations are underway between the authorities and Qassim Al-Rimi, one of the key Al-Qaeda fugitives who tunneled out of the Political Security prison in Sana'a early in 2006.

Religious and tribal personalities are leading mediation efforts on Al-Rimi's behalf. Observers point out that this comes after Al-Rimi felt his chances to escape arrest have become slim. 

Al-Rimi, who is accused of killing his brother after leaking confidential information to security authorities, appeared months ago in a video tape posted on Internet where he had spoke about the suffering of his fellow Al-Qaeda affiliates in the Political Security Prisons and promised reprisal.

Security authorities have been launching wide arrest and raids campaigns in different Yemeni provinces including Hadramout, Mareb, Shabwa and Aden as well as Sana'a, the capital.

These campaigns led to arresting dozens of Al-Qaeda followers, and was prompted by a successful military operation on a hideout for Al-Qaeda in Hadramout's Sayoun. Security forces managed then to kill a very dangerous Al-Qaeda leader Hamza Al-Qua'iti among several others.