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Suicide Bombing in Hajja:  Attacker Killed After Injuring Eight Worshippers
  Written By: Abdul Rahim Al-Showthabi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
September 01, 2008



Eight locals were injured and the attacker killed in a suicide bombing after Friday's prayer last week in Hajja's Al-Mahabishah district, governmental sources mentioned.

According to the sources, an attacker threw a grenade on a mosque's southern gate in Hajja's Al-Mahabishah district while locals were leaving the mosque after Friday prayers.

Governmental sources mentioned that the attacker was targeting his brother on issues related to old differences between the two brothers.

Hajja Head of Security colonel Ahmed Ali Masaud said that the bomb was in a place far from the mosque, and assured that family problems lied behind the incident, adding it's not connected to terrorist motivation.

The sources didn't reveal if security forces captured the attacker, and no independent information has revealed the actual motivations behind the attack.

Meanwhile, local sources mentioned that the same killer had opened fire against his father years ago, linking him to other crimes in the past.

This is the third mosque attack in Yemen this year, and the forth in less than two years.

In June 2, seven people were killed and another 13 wounded after a gunman arbitrarily opened fire on people attending Friday prayers in Amran's Eiyal Sureeh district’s Kohal village.

Last May, 13 were killed and 45 were injured as a booby-trapped motorbike exploded outside a mosque in Sa’ada city as worshipers were leaving the Friday prayers.