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Saleh Orders Release of 132 Detainees; YR 20 Billion for Reconstructing War-affected Sa'ada

  Written By: Hasan Al-Zaidi ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
September 08, 2008



Security authorities are due to release a new batch of 132 prisoners detained over Sa'ada events . This comes in implementation of President Saleh's recent directives.

Sources revealed that Fadhel Mohammed Badr Addin Al-Houthi and Zaidi scholar Ahmed Miftah will be among the released prisoners; however, it has been unclear whether Zaidi Scholar Yahya Al-Dailami is among them or not.

In related news, Saleh delegated the Minister of Public Works and Roads Omar Abdullah al-Korshomi to head the Sa'ada Reconstruction Committee, instead of the Minister of Local Administration Abdul Qader Ali Hilal.

Hilal did not comment on the decision by Saleh and hinted that Al-Korshomi is better specialized in such matters than him.

President Saleh also announced previously that YR 20 billion has been allocated for Sa'ada reconstruction, stressing that the amount will be spent on development projects across Sa'ada province.

Late last week, the Minister of Public Health and Population and the Minister of Electricity paid a visit to Sa'ada in an effort to know closely the problems locals face.

Local sources told the Post that the province has been calm over the last month; however, road blockades are on the rise, especially when each tribe is seeking to attract the attention of the Reconstruction Committee to their areas.

Meanwhile, the American Development Agency has given grants estimated at $300,000 to a number of health facilities in different districts in Sa’ada governorate.