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Lighting Strikes Kill 21 people Nationwide
  Written By: Moneer Al-Omari  ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
September 08, 2008



Twenty one citizens were killed by separate lighting strikes that accompanied heavy rainfall in some provinces last August, according to Interior Ministry.

In its monthly report, the ministry revealed that there were over 17 incidents recorded during the past month and these incidents left 17 people killed including four women. Other 11 people were injured.

Recently, four people ranging between 4-20 years were killed in a thunderstorm that hit Al-Hodeidah province's Al-Sukhnah district. Other three children were injured in the same incident.

Seven death cases were registered in Dhamar and Sa'ada provinces, followed by Hajjah, Lahj and Raymah provinces.  There were reported cases in Taiz, Al-Mahweet, Sana'a and Al-Dhal'e governorates.

Constant heavy rains are still falling in midlands stretching from Sa'ada in the North, passing by Hajjah, Amran, Al-Mahweet, Sana'a, Ibb and ending in Lahj on the south. These rains are accompanied with thunderstorms.

Late summertime rains are falling this during the blessed month of Ramadan when many families are forced to operate their electrical equipments at kitchens and else where. These equipments are blamed for causing lighting strikes especially during night.

Concerned authorities exerted no efforts to familiarize people on how to react to thunderstorms or lighting strikes and did not warn them against the possibility of having such storms.

Similarly, media outlets did not launch any campaign to help safeguard people from the hazards of lighting and thunderstorms and educate them on how to avoid these incidents.

It is noteworthy that 70-80  people get struck and killed every year by lighting or thunderstorms.