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Bonat Organization Conducts its first Religious and Cultural Symposium
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
September 08, 2008



For the first time in Yemen a female preacher talked in a public gathering openly. In a symposium organized by Bonat Organization, Mulook Al-Rada'ee, the guest speaker called attendees to follow religious practices and abide by Islamic policies. Al-Rada'ee stressed on the issue of respect between both genders, and following the guidelines that Islam gave us. The lecture was attended by hundreds and was the first time that a religious lecture occurs in a public commercial shopping mall. The symposium is one of many that will be held in Sana'a over the month of Ramdhan, which includes lectures at the Sana'a Trade Center and Yemen Mall, for them being places where many teenagers and students gather and meet. Poet and preacher Fuad Al-Himyari also gave a speech on the importance of good morals and the reasons why Islam asks both men and women to keep their gazes down and not stare at each other. Concluding the symposium, a religious Inshaad (Islamic Singing) group sang and reminded attendees to be sincere when doing worships and when dealing with others. The symposium was attended by numerous cultural and religious figures including  Ms. Ruqayah Al-Hajri, President of Al-Rahmah Orphan Foundation.  Ms. Taghreed Shihab, Head of the International Islamic Women Union, was also present and talked about the importance of the Hijab and why Islam has ordered women to wear it. This symposium was the first social activity that Bonat Organization has conducted since its establishment in 2007. One of the main goals for the organization is to spread awareness on the importance of sticking firm to religious and cultural practices in the Yemeni society.