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Interior Minister Calls for Separating Security from Politics
  Written By:  Moneer Al-Omari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
September 15, 2008



Minister of Interior Brig. Mutahar Rashad Al-Masri called on Yemeni media not to engage the security forces in the political game or turn them into material for cheap political gains that harm the overarching interest of the country.

In a statement released by the Security Media Center, Al-Masri noted that the country's security is everyone's issue and should be an issue of national consensus, demanding that they should move beyond the narrow sectarian interest.

He also demanded media outlets to contribute and play a role in achieving security and stability, hinting this should spark from their national responsibility.

The minister’s statement comes after the recent war of words between the ruling party – General People Congress (GPC) and opposition parties – Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), where the latter accused the former of mobilizing the army and security forces against them.

In related news, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Interior Affairs Rashad Al-Alimi is holding constant night meetings with scholars, Sheikhs, dignitaries and politicians as well as human rights activists in the Eastern provinces, Mareb, Shabwa, Al-Jawf and Sa’ada.

He listened to the citizens and talked about the problems locals face including revenge killing issues. They also discussed issues relating to development projects.

These provinces are counted to be pro-Islah, and GPC is seeking to turn them to its side, especially when Islah was using them to pressurize the ruling party.