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Three Tribesmen Killed in Al-Jawf after Exchanging Fire with Houthis
  Written By:  Arwa Al-Anesi ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
September 22, 2008



Local sources revealed that three tribesmen were killed and several others injured when tribesmen from Al-Jawf's Al-Showlan tribes exchanged fire with Houthi followers.

Though Sa'ada, which has been a war scene for the last four years, witnesses a relative calm, media sources reported that an exchange of fire occurred in Dhahian city of Sa'ada this week, where three worshippers were wounded.

This comes at a when time several Yemeni civil society organizations demand the release of prisoners detained over Sa'ada war including journalist Abdul Karim  Al-Khaiwani, comedian Fahd Al-Qarni and others.

Welcoming President Saleh's move, these organizations stressed that releasing the former political prisoners was a step forward that could help stop and remove the effects of Sa'ada war and help reinforce solidarity and the national peace spirit.

President Saleh announced in mid July that Sa'ada war came to an end and Houthi leaders announced later their adherence to the peace agreement; however, there has been different skirmishes and blockade of main highways and roads that prevented the committee tasked with assessing war damages from undertaking their usual activities.