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Yemen warns Babies may be sickened by Chinese Contaminated Milk
  Written By: Abdul Rahim Al-Showthabi  ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
September 22, 2008



Ministry of Industry and Trade warned last Friday of a possible Chinese contaminated milk powder called (Iachele) being distributed in the Yemeni markets.

The ministry ordered the Yemeni agent for the Chinese company to withdraw all the quantities of this product from markets.

The General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection directed its inspection teams to ensure that the market is free from this product.

Until now, there has been no report which reveals of the disease spread in Yemen. Observers expect that the biggest victim of such a crisis to be residents of rural areas, as nearly all of them never heard of the problem as they live in isolation, and have weak health care services.

The discovery of the tainted milk is damaging to the Yemeni people trust with Chinese products  because it  is the biggest manufacturer of powdered and other  products imported to Yemen, and such large companies are expected to act as industry role models for safety and quality.

This came after it was discovered that 1,253 infants in China got sick. Of those, 913 of the infants were only slightly affected, while 340 remained hospitalized and 53 cases were considered especially severe, while four children have died from the disease.

Dr. Khaled Nashwan General Coordinator of the International Union, said that the company that sells the milk apparently added chemicals, normally used in plastics, to make the milk seem higher in protein.

The incident is an embarrassing failure for China's product safety system, which was overhauled in an attempt to restore consumer confidence and preserve export markets after a string of recalls and warnings abroad over tainted toothpaste and other goods.