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Deadly car bombs rock Baghdad
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September 29
, 2008


At least 26 people have been killed and dozens wounded after two car bombs exploded in the west of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital.

A dozen people died and 35 were hurt after a bomb on board a minibus blew up outside a mosque in the city's Shurta area on Sunday.

A second blast killed one person and wounded another in Hai al-Amil.

Both the attacks took place minutes before the end of the day's Ramadan fasting period.

A third attack involving a car bomb and a roadside bomb in the central Karrada district killed 12 people and wounded 37, officials said, adding the dead included three policemen and three women.

Earlier, one person was also killed and three wounded earlier on Sunday by a roadside bomb in the capital's district of Mansur, security officials said.

A Kurdish mayor of a northern Iraqi town was wounded in a separate roadside bombing in Saadiyah near the Kurdish-dominated city of Khanaqin, along with six of his guards, police said.

Source: Agencies