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Weak Attendance of Public Servants after Eid Vacation
  Written By:  Moneer Al-Omari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
October 06, 2008



The first day after Eid Vacation saw weak attendance in all public sector institutions, especially in schools, despite the different warnings by Ministry of Education officials for teachers to attend their schools.

Head of Curricula and Inspection Sector at the Ministry of Education assured that work started as of Saturday and demanded all teachers to adhere to the work schedule, hinting his ministry sent field inspection committees to report on attendance.

However, most schools in the capital and elsewhere have seen very weak attendance from teachers and a few or no attendance by students. The case is also applicable to other state institutions.

Deputy Minister of Civil Service and Insurances voiced similar warnings and stressed that field committees, both central and local, will pay visits to all state institutions to make sure that public servants are present in their jobs. Still, attendance was not to the level.

Taxi driver Mohammed Al-Haimi pointed out that mobility in the capital's street is limited and streets are vacant because state employees have not returned back yet, adding that this Eid holiday was too short. "Public servants will start regular attendance as of next Saturday, I guess. The government shouldn’t have made holidays so short.”