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Trails of Hashish and Drug Dealers Continue; New Hashish Boat Seized
  Written By: Moneer Al-Omari  ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
October 06, 2008



Yemeni Coastguards, Aden Gulf Sector, managed to seize a Pakistani boat boarding four tons of Hashish, though they were skillfully covered inside the boat to mislead coastguard personnel.

Suspecting the boat that was passing by the international waters and heading to the Yemen's regional waters, a U.S. military ship intercepted the boat and handed it over to  the Yemeni coastguard patrol that was combing the area at the time.

After inspecting the boat, the coastguard personnel found the Hashish onboard and this led them to seize the boat and arrest the crew.

Meanwhile, the State Specialized Penal Court is still looking into the case of two groups of foreigners suspected of trading and possessing drugs and Hashish. A source told official media that the court will try 26 Iranian and Pakistani national over trying to smuggle 12 tons of Hashish last July through the country's regional waters.

In related news, coastguard forces in Al-Hodeidah city managed to rescue four persons, including two boys, as they were about to drown while swimming in Hodeidah's Ras Al-Katheeb area.