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Saudi German Hospital Gives Children Free Treatment and Checkups
  Written By: Arwa Al-Anesi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
October 06, 2008



An open day ceremony for labor/working children was conducted last week, in efforts to aware people of  the dangers and negative effects of child labor. Organized by Saudi German Hospital, Community Service Program (CSP), the ceremony included hundreds of children who were given support and a chance to get their childhood back.

The program for the ceremony included  group songs, musical play, and watching  a documental movie.

The goal for the event was to understand the suffering that labor children under 14 go through. Such children work under unsafe and hard circumstances in the streets of Sana'a and other major cities in the country.

Saudi German Hospital Sana'a, Community Service Program aims to provide free checkups and treatment for these children.

A large number of NGOs representatives, businessmen, representatives from governmental sectors, intellectuals, and officials attended the ceremony among others.