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When Life has no Value
  Written By:  Hakim Almasmari ( Editor-in-Chief)*
  Article Date:
October 06
, 2008 



The last three weeks have by far seen the most tragic deaths for Somali refugees coming to Yemen.  Dying in different ways, it was most shocking for me to hear that 52 Somalis, who were trying to come to Yemen, were all found dead on the boat that was taking them. The reason why I want to mention this incident in specific is that these people did not die of drowning, but died from hunger and thirst. The dead bodies were expected to have been there for more than 18 days.

Also, a couple of days ago, another 28 Somalis died when their boat flipped just off the coast of Shabwah. Just like that life is taken away as if it was worthless.

For those who wonder why Somalis risk everything, the answer is very clear, a chance for a better future.

Some Somalis think that the better future starts when leaving the country and that is why they risk everything to travel to Yemen, and from there to other parts of the world. Others believe that the boat ride risk is not worth it, therefore decide to live their lives as pirates, and disturbing international ships that travel near Somali waters. Meanwhile, those who do nothing and decide to stay in their country hoping for change, die from either hunger or the ongoing war that has killed thousands and damaged the hopes for a governmental ruled country.

All of this is happening while the international community sits back and does nothing, as if a Somali citizen's life is of no value.

* Editor-in-Cheif could be reached at:  editor@yemenpost.net