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Yemen Threatens to Resort to FIFA and CAS to Avoid Asian Federation
  Written By: Hasan Al-Zaidi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
October 13, 2008



Yemen Football Federation threatened to refer a violation case to the International Federation of Football (FIFA) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), against the suppressive practices of the Junior Asia Cup Tournament organizers, in defense of the Junior Yemeni Team.

The Yemeni side accused some parties of conspiring against the Yemeni team in an effort to exclude it from the tournament, especially when it managed to reach the next stage and play in the eight-team round.

A source at the Yemeni Federation noted that some parties had tried to cast doubts as for the players' ages, stressing that players had undergone the required medical tests.

On last Thursday's match, Yemen's Junior Team managed to beat its Japanese counterpart with 2 goals against one and came in first place with seven points, though observers were expecting Japan to win.