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Over Spying for Iran; Three People Tried and Trial of Al-Qaeda Elements continue

  Written By: Hasan Al-Zaidi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
October 13, 2008



The State Specialized Penal Court adjourned sentence session of 36 Al-Qaeda elements including Jabr Al-Bana who is listed on the FBI most wanted people. The verdicts were to be issued last Saturday.

A judicial source revealed that adjourning the session was made under the travel of the head of the court Judge Moahmmed Al-Hakimi.

Late last year, the first instance court sentenced the members of Al-Qaeda group to different terms ranging between two to 15 years after being convicted of participating and preparing for the suicide attacks that targeted oil facilities in Mareb and Hadramout on September 2006 as well as joining a gang that sought to harm the country and target foreigners.

In related news, the First Instance Specialized Penal Court held last Saturday its first session to try three Yemenis accused of spying for Iran.

During the session not accessed by media and headed by the Judge Muhsen Alwan, the general prosecution accused Abdul Karim Ali Abdul Karim, 33, Hani Ahmed Deen Mohammed, 31, and Eskandar Abdullah Yousuf of spying for Iran through illegitimate contact with those working for it as well as leaking information and photos concerning the security, political and economic situation in the country. The judge adjourned the hearings until next Saturday.

The same court issued a ruling last February that dictated sentencing a Yemeni officer and a Saudi citizen of Yemeni origin to capital punishment after being convicted of spying for foreign parties.