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Washington Intends to support  Yemen Joining GCC Yemen Asks for More Financial Support

  Written By: Arwa Al-Anesi ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
October 20, 2008



A senior US official recently revealed his country's serious intention to support Yemen to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), as he expressed the importance of partnership between Yemen and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. David Walsh, the Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East Affairs, reiterated his country's commitment to support the agenda of national reforms in Yemen.

Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister Al-Arhabi confirmed the availability of all constituents for Yemen’s succession to the GCC and that the economic variation between the Yemeni economy and the economies of the GCC states needs reduction of the gap separating them.

In addition, Walsh declared the importance of supporting the Yemeni-American partnership in combating terrorism, expressing Washington's satisfaction over for stability of security situations in Sa'ada governorate and ending the treason that some areas of the governorate witnessed.

Those explanations came during a session of talks held between the two countries. The meeting was headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation from the Yemeni side, and by Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East from the American side.

From his side, Al-Arhabi assured Yemen's willingness to continue on with the remaining agenda in order to achieve national reforms. He also mentioned the development the country has witnessed over the years, while on the other hand pointing out that Yemen also faced problems, mainly to developmental issues over the past year. In addition, Al-Arhabi requested the international community and the United States to help Yemen draw up and implement a development strategy to deal with the challenges it is facing. He stressed that Yemen would not be soft with terrorism affirming it offends Yemen's reputation and harms the course of development in the country in specific and the world in a bigger picture.

Al-Arhabi welcomed the American support to Yemen in security and military areas and asked the American government for more technical and financial support to help Yemen fight the phenomenon of terror.