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Nine Killed and Seven Injured in Battles between Tribes in Amran
  Written By: Hasan Al-Zaidi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
October 20, 2008



Local sources told the Yemen Post that a battle started in Amran governorate, Al-Ishah district, between Al-Isaimat and Al-Suda tribes.

Immediate statistics revealed that the number of casualties from both sides were at nine dead and another seven injured.

Meanwhile, governmental authorities have been trying to end the conflict between the warring tribes. This came after local efforts did not succeed in putting an end to the tribal problems.

The battle started when both sides disputed the matter of where each of their regions borders should be, both claiming that the other side wants to take a portion of its lands.

This year, Amran witnessed a number  of tribal conflicts.

Yemeni authorities desperately tried along with the American Democratic Institute (NDI)  to launch programs to aware people from the danger of such conflicts. Unfortunately, the success through those programs have been little to nothing. 

Revenge killing is considered to be the most dangerous phenomenon that threatens the lives of Yemeni people.  

Amran is among the governorates that have been identified as the most heavily armed.