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Rockslides in Sana'a, and Fire Destroys Two Shops in Aden
  Written By: Moneer Al-Omari (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
October 27, 2008



Over the last few days, heavy rains fell throughout Yemen and caused huge human and material losses. It also blocked some vital highways that link the country's different provinces.  

In the capital Sana'a, the rockslide that happened following heavy rains blocked the main street in Hadda district's Faj Attan area and paralyzed the traffic in the area and caused more traffic jams in neighboring streets.

In related news, a huge fire devastated two grand shops in Parade Square of Aden. The fire started at midnight and its material losses were estimated at 8 million Yemeni Rials.

Though the reasons were not established by the concerned authorities, citizens told Al-Sahwa. net that electrical fault could be the reason, especially when they saw signs of electrical faults before the two shops were set on fire. 

Several incidents occur nationwide mainly because of the improper wiring where the possibility for having electrical shocks or masses increase. The constant cut of power causes damages to electrical apparatuses at homes and offices as well.