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Protesting Government's Absence, Private Sector Cancels Partnership Conference
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
November 03, 2008



Private sector representatives canceled last Saturday "Dialogue and Partnership Conference" in protest against the absence of concerned government officials who had earlier showed readiness to participate in the conference.

The private sector considered this move to be an indication that the government is not ready to conduct any dialogue with them, hinting that the government's absence is an open letter to them.

Dialogue and Partnership Conference was scheduled to be held last Saturday and over 1,500 personalities including ministers, chairpersons of government authorities and institutions as well as representatives of commercial and industrial sectors in Yemen and the representatives of the international and regional organizations were to attend the conference.

According to the organizers, the conference aimed at reinforcing the partnership between the government and the private sector, together with having effective mechanisms for making this partnership more fruitful and motivating for development.

The conference was, organized by the General Union of Trade and Industry Chambers in collaboration with GTZ, and was to discuss four working papers including three papers presented by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. The last paper was to be presented by the union.

Several observers and experts stress that the weak partnership between the government (public sector and mixed sectors) and the private sector is responsible for the rampage of unemployment among youth and the deterioration of the country's infra-structure.