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Tarim Architecture Center Appeals for Protecting Shibam Heritage
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
November 03, 2008



The Damascus-based Tarim Architecture Center has issued an urgent appeal for all concerned individuals, countries, government and non government organizations to provide the required assistance to restrict the damages caused to Tarim, enlisted in World Heritage List, by the heavy rains witnessed late last October.

In a press release, the center called for providing the required equipments for protecting and restoring what has been destroyed of the city's architectural and cultural heritage that dates back to thousands years ago.

"We would like all to intensify efforts for providing all possible support to safeguard this long-lasting heritage which is considered to be a rare Arab architectural school," said the release.  

It continued that the current catastrophic situation poses threats to the human heritage, especially in Tarim and Shibam, whose history is linked with the history of Hadramout. It was for the importance Shibam holds in history that it was enlisted in the World Heritage List in 1982 and it is known as "Manhattan of the desert".

The release called on museums and Arab and foreign libraries to organize exhibitions to educate people on the distinct heritage of Shibam and Tarim. It further called on intellectuals, artists, writers, historians, pressmen and architects to help spread information about the Yemeni civilization in general and Wadi  Hadramout in particular.