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Penal Court to Sentence Iranian Drug and Hashish Smugglers This November

  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
November 03, 2008



The State Specialized Penal Court approved on Saturday to adjourn the pronouncement of 12 Iranian and Pakistani people accused of smuggling and trading drugs and Hashish until mid November.

This comes after the court held a series of hearings into their case and the final proceedings by the prosecutor and defense were made last Saturday.

The defendants adhered to denying the allegations attributed to them and accused the American forces working in the Gulf of Aden of foisting drugs and Hashish into their boat before handing them over to Yemeni authorities.

American forces stationed in the Gulf of Aden arrested this group last March and over three tons of Hashish was found in their seized boat; however, the whole quantity was destroyed, and only 20 kilograms were left behind.

Later, the group was handed over to Yemeni authorities; however, the defendants still insist that they are just fishermen by occupation and they know nothing about the seized Hashish.

They further note that the American forces threw their captured quantities of fish into the water and put Hashish instead, after covering their eyes. They stress that the Hashish was put in their boat for political motivations. 

Over 27 tons of drugs and Hashish have been seized over the last nine months and these quantities were on their way to Gulf countries where rich and wealthy consumers exist.