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Ruling Party Revolted against Democracy, Sheikh Al-Ahmar says; Accuses them of Destroying the Country
  Written By: Abdul Rahim Al-Showthabi  ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
November 10, 2008



Yemeni parliament member and Islah party representative Sheikh Hamid Al-Ahmar said in an interview with Al-Jazeera News Station that the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) will not participate in the upcoming elections if its participation would be weak and limited.

Further, he said that (JMP) sees the elections as a gateway to major political and social reforms if done in the right way. "The (JMP) has given a great importance to the dialogue which took place with the ruling party (GPC)  over the last year in order to provide a safe environment for the upcoming elections; however, these efforts were delayed by the ruling party," he added.

Al-Ahmar said that the ruling party is currently joining between ruling the country now and its thoughts of owning the future as well, even if it does so illegally. He also considered the procedures pursued by the (GPC) as a way to disrupt the country and to change it into a place of chaos."The policy followed by the General People Congress (GPC) indicates a commitment to owning the electoral process and its call for opposition parties to participate in the election is only a false try to give credibility to these elections," he continued.

About managing the electoral process individually, Al-Ahmar considered it as a threat to the legitimacy of the state, stressing that the ruling party has to choose either to stay under the umbrella of democracy, or expose itself and its violations. "Real competition needs to share equal opportunities and rights for all parties, and needs to implement the constitution and law," he added.

Concerning the (JMP's) participation in the upcoming elections, Sheikh Al-Ahmar said that the (JMP) is not the one who has the choice in participating or boycotting, as the (JMP) is considering what is happening now is a revolt against democracy and legitimacy." The GPC has the choice of whether to stay in power under the national framework of unity and democracy or to leave the power as a result of its revolt against them," he concluded.

Concerning the Southern issue, Al-Ahmar stressed that the (JMP) is aware of the importance and seriousness of this issue, considering its existence as one of the consequences of the wrong moves that the authority is following.