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Panel Court Sentences Iranian to Death; Eleven Iranians and Two Pakistanis get Twenty Five Years in Jail

  Written By: Hakim Almsmari ( YEMEN POST STAFF )  
  Article Date:
November 17, 2008


The specialized panel court sentenced last Saturday an Iranian to death, and eleven other Iranians and two Pakistanis to 25 years in prison for drug smuggling.

In the session presided over by Judge Muhsin Alwan, and in the presence of the Attorney General  representative,  the court issued the death sentence against Ayub Mohamed Hood.

The charges stated that the suspects were seized in Yemeni territorial waters, smuggling a large  quantity of hashish estimated at 3100 pounds(1500kg).

The verdict also added that there is a strong link between the suspects and other drug dealers inside the country.

Twenty five years imprisonment sentence were given to Chakib Mohammad Bakhsh, Othman Haider, Abu Bakar Mohmed, Ibrahim Eda Saidi, Ali Murad Bloushi, Abdul Rahim Azizallah, Mohammad Murad Bakech, Ghulam Nabi Salim Marjan, Radi Yusuf Hood, Khalid Jean Nizar, Mohamed Bakhsh, Musa Bakhsh Hassan, and Abdel Wahed Murad Bakhsh.

The General Attorney's representative still believed that  the verdict was soft, and was demanding the execution of all the accused.

Suspects claimed that they had no relation with the matter of smuggling hashish and other drugs, saying they are innocents. "We read the Holy Quran and pray; we don't lie and this rule is unfair and unjust," said Mohamed Ayub who was sentenced to death. 

Meanwhile, governmental authorities burned last Wednesday one thousand four hundred seventy-seven kilogram of drugs that were seized in several governorates. It also seized over one million drug tablets during the last four months alone.

From his part, Judge Radwan Al-Namer confirmed that more drug cases still exist and their trials are underway. "There are ten drug and hashish cases still ongoing in the specialized criminal court," he concludes.