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200,000 New Voters Register for  Upcoming Elections so far
  Written By: Arwa Al-Anesi ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
November 17, 2008



Almost 200,000 new voters have  headed so far to electoral registration centers across the republic during the first three days after the processes of voter roll revision and rectification were launched.

Abdul Janadi, head of the information and election awareness section at the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum, said the number of the voters who already registered their names reached 193,540 throughout the country. They included almost equal numbers for both female and male voters.

Among these were about 50,000 voters who requested  their voting places to be changed or of those who applied for new ballot cards.

This is taking place although there were troubles at some registration centers due to calls by the Joint Meeting Parties JMP to boycott the registration committees. The JMP (opposition) say these committees make no sense and aimed at falsifying the voter rolls.

In a  statement,  the JMP said they will boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections, a  move which  may  worsen the political situation the country is experiencing.

The statement said that opposition parties seek fair and free elections in order to get the country out of its political crisis. The statement added that the parties are looking  forward to elections that can guarantee basic life needs for all people.

However, the General People's Congress Party(ruling party) said the  JMP would be held accountable for any possible confrontations that may occur as a  result of their calls which the party described as inciting. It urged all parties to participate in the committees.

On the other hand, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs NDI, urged all political parties to work together to overcome  disagreements over the election law and its management.

In a statement issued, the NDI said there are serious concerns over what the statement described as political congestion, adding fear that democracy may experience political turndown, which will lead to bad results.

At its supreme committee meeting chaired by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the ruling party called on all political powers to confer election matters, urging them to stick to the national principles and constitution.

At the meeting, President Saleh revealed a bid to include two members as well as an assistant secretary general of the JMP to the membership of the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum. The process would be run in  a dialogue that would be presided by the deputy premier for security and defense affairs Rashad Al-Alimi and Minister of Local Administration Abdul Kadir Hilal.