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Political Crisis Within the Ruling Party
  Written By:  Hakim Almasmari ( Editor-in-Chief)*
  Article Date:
November 17, 2008 



Over the years, numerous rumors from inside the ruling party came out to the open that strong differences exist between high ranking members of the ruling party. The weird thing is that the differences are not connected to the people or the country, but rather on who gets what, or how to weaken someone who is trying to get an edge over the others.

What happened this week with the forced resignation of Minister of Local Administration Abdul Kadir Hilal was a strong example. Over the last eight months, Hilal grew strong, and played a vital role in the Sa’ada seize fire. Some ruling party members did not like that, considering that he is also from the same tribe as President Saleh.

But the accusations and rumors that came up against Hilal are so strong that it makes it look so wrong. What I mean is that he was accused of helping the opposition Joint Party Meeting, than of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. After that he was considered a Houthi loyalist, and now he is accused of corruption. The only thing left for them to accuse him of is being a member of the Israeli Mosad.

This is the problem with Yemen, every time someone tries to do good, he will end up falling head first, no matter how powerful he is, even if he and President Saleh are from the same tribe.

What we are witnessing today is nothing other than the ultimate use of corruption.

* Editor-in-Cheif could be reached at:  editor@yemenpost.net