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In National Consultation Committee's Meeting,JMP Assures Stalled Dialogue with Ruling Party

  Written By: Abdul Rahim Al-Showthabi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
November 24, 2008



The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) in its National Consultation Committee's meeting assured that opposition parties are upset over the stalled dialogue with the ruling party General People Congress (GPC).

Further, the (JMP) emphasized that its dialogue with the ruling party reached a dead end.

From his part, Secretary-General of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Dr. Abdul Wahab Mahmud, said that the JMP sees the importance of mobilizing all society members against the wrong procedures being practiced by the ruling party.

"The ruling party knows that the upcoming elections will not go in its favor if done democratically, and that is why it is refusing to respond to constitutional and legal demands raised by the opposition coalition," he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shafiga Saeed, who delivered the women's speech, expressed her disappointment over using women rights as a tool by the ruling party (GPC) to show their respect for democracy in front of the international community.

Mohamed Salem Ba-Senduwah, a JMP official, stressed that the ruling party has reached no successful achievement through its long term in power. He also considered the upcoming elections as a coup against democracy if gone through only by one side.  

The National Consultation Committee Chairman, Sheikh Hamid Al-Ahmer called on JMP's leaders in all governorates to interact with the upcoming stage and to be in contact with citizens to build the importance of democracy among them.

The ruling party and opposition have been attacking each other for the past year, however, the recent development have showed that matters will only get worse as elections near.