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Ruling Party Accuses Ministry of Lenience with Islah Mosque Preachers

  Written By: ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
November 24, 2008



Head of Guidance and Counseling Circle at the ruling party and former Deputy Minister of Endowments Yahya Al-Najjar accused the Ministry of Endowments of being lenient with preachers who used mosques for instigating people to boycott the forthcoming elections.

This comes as opposition parties, represented in Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), refuse to join the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) and called on their followers not to register their names or work with the electoral field committees formed by one side, the General People Congress GPC.

Al-Najjar told  media sources "We know that the law bans using mosques for partisan publicity or to instigate violence; however, some preachers have gone far beyond the limit as they incite people to boycott the forthcoming elections and to use violence and chaos against field committees."

The GPC official accused the Endowments Minister Judge Hamoud Al-Hittar of giving the green light to these preachers, hinting this must not have happened if he acted in his capacity as a committed member of government.

He continued that Al-Hittar took no action and his silence caused preachers, referring to the Islamist Islah Party preachers, to instigate chaos and violence, stressing that these preachers sermonize according to political and partisan statements issued by their parties.

He also demanded the Prime Minister to take tough measures against Al-Hittar, because the mosque and its message should not be exploited for publicity ends or partisan incitement.