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Yemen's Grandest Mosque Inaugurated
  Written By:  Moneer Al-Omari (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
November 24, 2008



President Ali Abdullah Saleh officially inaugurated "Al-Saleh Mosque" located in the capital's Al-Sabeen zone. The inauguration ceremony was attended by high-ranking guests and scholars from across the Arab and Islamic worlds.

The mosque, whose total costs reached $60 million, is an architectural masterpiece and is considered the grandest mosque in Yemen. Officials stress that the mosque will seek to provide a clear image of Islam through moderate programs in teaching and lecturing. 

The total area of the mosque and its premises is 224.813 square meters including roads, gardens, pedestrian lanes, and a parking lot for more than 1000 cars. The mosque's total height is 24 meters and the mosque can hold over 45,000 worshippers, together with a small hall for women holding 2,000 .

In addition, the mosque is made of the main hall of praying at a total area of 13,596 square meters and has ten gates to the eastern and western directions.  It also has five gates in the south and these gates lead to the back lobby of the mosque, the Sharia College and ablution facilities. 

The middle area of the mosque is covered by four domes, each rising for 20.35 meter, while the middle dome is the largest and it is 39.60 meters high. The mosque has six minarets; four are rising for 100 meter and two erected on the Sharia College and they rise to 80 meter.

As for other premises, the mosque comprises a College for Noble Quran and Islamic Sciences which rises for three floors and contains 20 classrooms, lecture halls and two libraries: one for men and another for women.