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Four Killed, Five Injured; Somali Pirates open Fire on Yemeni Sailors in Red Sea
  Written By: Fuad Rajeh (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 01, 2008



Four Yemeni sailors were killed and five others injured as Somali pirates opened fire on them in Yemen's territorial waters in the Red Sea. Some sailors who escaped the attack said they surprisingly were hailed by a shower of bullets from machine rifles the pirates used. "We surprisingly came under attack and two of us were killed immediately." The survivors said, adding two others were killed while Somali pirates were pursuing them. Five others were badly injured, the survivors said. "Somali pirates usually assault us near the country's territorial waters, but they usually only chase us, but this time the Somali pirates strongly attacked us aiming to hunt us and we barely escaped," they said. In recent months, piracy has been active off Somalia's coast with more than 80 vessels hijacked this year. Almost two weeks ago, pirates hijacked a Yemeni cargo ship bound for Socotra island. Somali pirates also held a Saudi oil supertanker demanding a ransom of $25 million. In relation to pirating, Saudi security forces handed over 20 Yemeni girls to Yemeni authorities who  were arrested after they illegally entered Saudi lands with help from smugglers, or so called land pirates. Saudi authorities through investigations found out the girls were Yemenis.