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Traffic Accidents Claim 88 Lives; Hundreds Injured over Eid Vacation
  Written By:  Moneer Al-Omari ( YEMEN POST STAFF )
  Article Date:
December 15, 2008


Dozens of people were killed and over 400 hundred others injured in 360 traffic accidents recorded nationwide during Eid vacation, according to the reports by the General Traffic Authority.

Last Friday alone, 11 people reportedly died and another 59 injured in 40 traffic accidents throughout the country. According to governmental sources, some accidents were connected with the narrowness of roads and highways.

Hundreds of car accidents occur over Eid vacation, especially Eid Al-Adha as all people living outside their villages return back to their homelands to see their families and relatives.

Traffic officials assure that most accidents are caused by drivers' carelessness, especially when they do not make good and regular maintenance for their cars. A large number of such drivers are of those who carpool passengers from one governorate to another.

Meanwhile, drivers claim that bad roads are responsible for the majority of accidents as they lack the required road signs and light, which could prevent many accidents if available.

They also said that Sana'a-Aden highway is responsible for many of the accidents that claim lives.

In Al-Hodeidah province, traffic accidents claimed the lives of 22 citizens and injured 75 others over Eid holiday mostly in highways linking the province with other provinces. The injuries ranged between serious, moderate and light.

Motorbike crashes came in first place, followed by vehicle crashes, run-over and rollover accidents. 

Experts assure that wearing seat belts will reduce death cases by 60 percent in Yemen. They further assert that some sort of crashes tend to have more serious consequences due to overloading.

According to statistics, traffic accidents fell between pedestrian crashes, car crashes and run-over accidents. Other accidents include rollovers and losing car control in highways and mountainous roads.

Worldwide, World Health Organization noted that traffic accidents result in the deaths of an estimated 1.2 million people each year, and injure about forty times this number.