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Security on alert in Hadramout after information a terrorist group may carry out attacks
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 17, 2008



Security forces in the eastern province of Hadramout are on alert as they got  information on possible attacks by an extremist group believed to have  links to al-Qaeda on facilities including the Mukala bridge.

Informed sources noted that security forces in the province obtained   information that a terrorist group planned to commit terror attacks.

According to information, the Mukala bridge is among targets to be attacked.

Earlier police patrols closed the bridge for many times amid security concerns and precautions. 

In August an unknown person threw a bomb at a car at the bridge but no damages were reported. The perpetrator run away.

Later reports noted that the perpetrator was among those who were arrested when security forces raided a house in Tarim city that was believed to be for one of al-Qaeda militants.

On the other hand, authorities have arrested two persons from Al Dhale province who were handed over by Saudi authorities in connection with reports they published on a website backing the southern anti-government movements. However, the fate of a third partner remains unclear, as there were reports he  is still held by Saudi authorities.

Sources close to the families of the arrested said the Political Security in Sana'a seized Sami Ali Nassir and Ali Sahyef al-Hariri four months ago, but there were not specific convictions against them under which they may go on trial.

The two along with a third partner were said to have created a website known as ' the southern movement'. The sources expected  Saudi authorities had held the Yemeni nationals under a request from the Yemeni government.

Families of the arrested called on human rights organizations to intervene to release their relatives either in Yemen or in Saudi Arabia.