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Poor Attendance of Public Servants; Civil Ministry Threatens to Make Deductions

  Written By:  Fuad Rajeh (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 15, 2008



The Ministry of Civil Service and Insurances warned against the absence following Eid vacation which ended last Friday, hinting the official office hours was resumed last Saturday.

It continued that there will be deductions from salaries for those who failed to attend. The deduction installments range between three days for Saturday absence, two days for Sunday and one day for absence during this week.

Deputy Minister of Civil Service and Insurances Nabil Shamsan called on employees of public and mixed sectors at the level of the capital and provinces to adhere to office working hours, warning against any heedlessness and negligence.

Shamsan went on to say that his ministry, in collaboration with its offices nationwide and local councils, has formed field committees to monitor the job attendance and report on the level of attendance by public servants. 

Despite the threats made by the officials of Civil Services, field reports recorded poor attendance of employees in public sector units including ministries, hospitals, universities, schools, etc.

Taxi driver Ali Shamlan revealed that he took his children to school on Saturday early morning; however, he was shocked to find no teachers. "By the time we arrived in the school, we found no students, let alone teachers. I was told that most teachers are from Taiz and Ibb and they have not returned back from their villages yet."

Several public servants noted that the Eid vacation was too short this year and stressed it was better to make it a bit longer so that they can visit their relatives and families, especially when it is considered the Great Eid