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Yemen, Egypt in Talks Over Social Insurance Cooperation
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 15, 2008



The General Authority for Social Insurance and the Egyptian Social Insurance Authority held on Saturday talks that dealt with the project of an agreement for cooperation in the social insurance area.

The agreement was initially approved at the last meeting of the Yemeni-Egyptian Committee in Cairo and would  be finally signed by the two countries during the next committee meeting.

The agreement calls for promoting cooperation in the field of social insurance as well as identifying necessary frameworks to achieve legal and administrative measures to apply the agreement and exchange experiences.

The agreement also calls for exchanging information on internal regulations in both countries regarding preventing insurance evasiveness, in addition to the exchange of publications and researches and  effective laws regulating social insurance on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the agreement requires  holding training courses for social insurance officials in both countries according to available possibilities.

A joint committee will meet every year  to follow up agreements signed by the two states.

At the session that was chaired jointly by head of the Yemeni General Authority for Social and Insurance Ahmed Saleh Saif and his Egyptian counterpart Muhammad Esmail Talat, Saif said that the meeting comes to implement  decisions of the Yemeni-Egyptian Committee which approved in its last meeting in Cairo finalizing the agreement.