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  Serve the Country not the Party
  Written By:  Hakim Almasmari (Editor- in-Chief)
  Article Date: December 3, 2007


Over the last three months, strong tension has been witnessed when the Ruling Party and the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) express their opinions of one another. Each side tries to reveal the bad of the other, while forgetting the main goal, which is to serve to the best interest of Yemen.

The government calls on the JMP for negotiations and the latter refuses to do so only with conditions, claiming that they are not serious and are using this method to cover up and show the people that they are willing to sit and talk and find solutions. The JMP clearly criticizes the ruling party and claim that they are corrupt and playing with the wealth of the country.

Last week, a large number of opposition MP's had a sit in outside the Parliament building protesting against their colleagues of the ruling party. Every group serves its interest by telling the media what it feels will harm the other party more, not looking at what is better for the interest of the country.

Nearly all the governorates in the country have witnessed strong protest and demonstrations over this long year, making 2007 according to numerous political analysts as the year of protest and demand for change in Yemen. However, will the protest mean anything in the end.

What I consider a bigger problem is that locals are left out in the dark of the real matters that both groups leave and discuss under the table, therefore resulting in society not knowing why or for what they are protesting for. One thing all Yemenis want their leaders to know that their interest is one and want to tell them. Serve the country and not the Party!