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Two die in Saada as cold weather dips below zero
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 24, 2008


As cold weather gripping several provinces in the republic dips to 2-6 degrees below zero affecting crops badly, two of the war-displaced people in the northern province of Saada died as a result of the low temperatures. 

Some of the displaced at one of the displaced camps, where almost 450 citizens are living,  confirmed Saleh Abdullah al-Urdha, 46, and  Ali Nassir, 35,   died as a direct result of cold weather as there was no sufficient medical care.  

Citizens at these camps complain of slowness of authorities to provide an effective treatment of their conditions.  

Earlier, competent authorities warned of bad low temperatures predicting cold weather could badly affect crops.  

Last reports said the temperature in Sana'a, Dhamar and al-Dhale dipped below zero to 2 degrees; however, it was in some nearby areas 6 degrees below zero. As crops are affected by cold weather, their prices soar.   

Thousand displaced people in the province live at camps after they fled confrontations between government troops and the Houthi rebels. 

The rebellion ended in late July after almost more than four years of clashes.  

The US-based Human Rights Watch then accused the government and the Houthis of hindering organizations from providing humanitarian aids to war-displaced people, saying they blocked free movement of aids to reach out the affected.