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Al-Masder paper journalists' question postponed
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 24, 2008


Investigations with the editor in chief of Al-Masder, a weekly newspaper, and a staff writer, columnist Moneer Al-Mawri living in the United States of America,  were postponed to next Saturday after the newspaper's lawyer Khalid Al-Anesi asked to give him enough time to study the complaint and response to it.

On the wake of a report allegedly harming President Saleh,   the Persecution of Press and Publications last week summoned the two journalists.

The measure came after a complaint lodged by the General Secretariat of the ruling party GPC represented by the Department of Legal Affairs.

The news paper's staff expressed their concern over what is happening against press freedom in the country. They further considered the coming of the lawsuit as a reveal of an intention to stop publishing the paper as it addressed sensitive issues.

The newspaper called on the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate together with civil organizations for supporting press freedom in the country.

Meanwhile, journalists, lawyers strongly condemn the frequent attacks against freedom of expression, considering what is happening to be a very worrying development.  

"Despite the fact that Yemeni laws guarantee the right to information, the practical implementation of these laws is absent" Al-Anesi said.  

Further severe restrictions on freedom of the press have been taken place as of the newspaper Al-Share’ and of journalist Abdul-Kareem Al-Khaiwani had been tried before the Special Criminal Court on Terrorism where if convicted he might face the death penalty.

On 4 March, the Ministry of Information ordered a ban of the newspaper Al-Sabah for allegedly “threatening the unity of Yemen”.