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Amnesty International Expresses Concern Over Threat to Jews In Amran

  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 25, 2008


The Amnesty International has expressed its concerns over the latest murder in which a Jew was killed in Amran province by a gunman and threats to the Jew community in the area warning Jews either embrace Islam or be killed.

The Amnesty International said it has, in light of the latest incident, sent a letter to the minister of interior for measures have by authorities to protect the Jew community in the province.  

It called on Yemeni authorities to look into the matter with responsibility to bring the murderer into justice.

It maintained that measures to deal with the issue must comply with international human rights accords, urging authorities not to use death penalty against the killer.

Chief rabbi's brother Masha Yaesh was killed in this month by gunman in the district of Raida in Amran province. The killer was arrested shortly after the incident.

The trial of the killer, an ex-pilot in the Yemeni Force Air, started on Saturday after he confessed during investigations to the murder, but showed no remorse.