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Arrested In Connection With German Kidnapping Sick; Clan Says President and Interior Minister Responsible

  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 26, 2008


Few days after the release of three German nationals, who were taken hostage by tribesmen from the Bani Dhabyan tribe in Sana'a, one of the people of the Al Ahmed clan, one of the tribe's affiliates, detained in connection with the kidnapping fell sick at a prison in Sana'a.  

Ali Ahmed al-Agrab, 55, got on Sunday while in the prison an illness, believed to be paralysis, which sent him immediately to hospital.   

Doctors said al-Agrab's health condition was serious. 

Hearing the news, the Al Ahmed clan held a meeting to discuss the issue so that they can response to the government appropriately. 

The clan has held President Ali Abdullah Saleh and minister of Interior Mutahar Rashad al-Masri responsible for the suffering of al-Agrab.  

Spokesman for the clan said that people of the tribe may retaliate if their man dies as he was arrested along with his son, 20, tyrannically.  

The spokesman said al-Agrab was attacked by police while taken to prison.  

The spokesman affirmed the tribe is against kidnapping forefingers to put pressure on the government, saying it cooperates with authorities.   

Moreover, the clan people attacked security measures allowing police breaking into houses to arrest innocent people in connection with the last incident in which three Germans were abducted.  

People of the clan said almost 6 persons of them have been arrested by security forces after the kidnapping, though they are free of accusations related to the abduction.