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Hand over of sites where homes for rain-affected people to take place next week
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 26, 2008


The local authority in the Wadi and Desert districts in the eastern province of Hadramout is due to hand over ready sites where quarters for rain-affected people to the Emirates Red Crescent next week.  

A meeting was held on Wednesday that gathered officials of the Fund for Reconstruction of Rain-Affected Areas in the eastern provinces of Hadramout and Mahara and a delegation from the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent during which the two sides approved technical designs for villages and houses that would be built with finance from the UAE. 

The UAE will finance the building of houses for 800 families of those who were affected by heavy rains that lashed the two eastern provinces, in seven areas in the Wadi and Desert districts of Hadramout.  

These areas are Tarim, Sah, Som, Howrah and Wadi al-Ain, Qaten, Shebam and Sayoon.  

About 1600 residential unites would be built for the people whose houses were completely destroyed by rains.  

The UAE will finance the construction of 1000 houses of the 1600 and the rest would be built with funding from the province chamber of commerce and industry as well as other charity organizations.  

However, funds to rebuild houses, which were partly affected by heavy rains, almost 900, are to be estimated by technical committees set up by the Committee of Rebuilding the Rain-Destroyed Areas for the reconstruction.  

While the local authority will finance the re-building and restoration of partly destroyed homes, the reconstruction will be implemented by people themselves with supervision from the local authority.  

The United Arab Emirates pledged earlier to provide funds to build 1000 houses for the people whose homes were destroyed by heavy rains in the two provinces. 

Of the 1000 houses, 800 would built in the Wadi and Desert districts in Hadramout, 150 would be built in the coastal areas in Hadramout and 50 would be built in Mahara province.