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Tourism: Focus of The Government After Latest Kidnapping
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 23, 2008


Opening the annual consultative meeting on tourism, prime minister Ali Muhammad Mujawar said the government gives priority to the tourist sector as it is one of the most important economic resources in any country.

He said efforts to promote the tourism industry come  within the frameworks of general plans to carry out comprehensive reforms and fight corruption as well as conversion to decentralization.

At the meeting which comes amid local and international circumstances affecting the tourism industry, Mujawar said concerned authorities must follow up current local and international conditions to bring  necessary solutions to problems which represent impediments to tourism in the country.

Mujawar said the global financial crisis and the latest incident of kidnapping three German nationals all affect tourism in Yemen. 

Such problems undoubtly have repercussions on various economic sectors, but particularly tourism. 

He brought up new plans to promote tourism through providing infrastructure and issuing decisions to set up a statistical system and an emergency unit for the tourist sector in the country.

For his part, Tourism minister Nabil al-Faqih stressed the necessity to implement all effective laws against tourist abductors and keeping measures over banning carrying weapons in public and possession of weapons.

Al-Faqih urged suggested measures for securing tourism in Yemen be approved as soon as possible as the need for such measures to promote this sector has become urgent.