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Cold Wave Causes Losses to Farmers and Raises Crop Prices
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 23, 2008


Sources in the National Center for Weather Forecasting told media that temperature dipped six degree below zero in some provinces in the country. Saturday night or early Sunday in Sana'a, Thamar, and Al-Dhalei was 6 degrees below zero, according to meteorologists at the National Weather Service.

"It's colder than we've seen in quite a while," said Ali Najee Thabit a farmer in Al-Baidha's Rada'a district.

Other temperatures logged around the some provinces were 5 degrees Taiz and 2 degrees in Amran. The overnight low in Mountains areas was -2 degrees, while some districts saw a low of -5.

The National Center for Weather and Forecasting spokesman aired in Yemeni Public Radio that the center have received several letters sent by farmers from Thamar, Al-Baidha, and Al-Dhale',  explaining that cold wave early this Sunday claim damage to agricultural crops and vegetables.

Meanwhile, cold wave caused rising in cash crops such as Qat and vegetables. However, Qat price has increased significantly by 200 percent from what it was earlier this month.

Qat' sellers attributed the rise of Qat' prices to the sudden decline in temperature which damaged Qat farms in numerous provinces, and led to the raising prices.

For his part Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Al-Sharei said that farmers should take cautions as the use of diesel fires for heating near Qat farms is extremely dangerous due to carbon monoxide poisoning. If necessarily farmers can use portable fuel for heating" he said.