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Thousands Protest in Support for Gaza More than 400 Killed and 2000 Injured
  Written By:  Hakim almasmari ( YEMEN POST STAFF )
  Article Date:
December 30, 2008


Hundreds of thousands protested throughout the country in protest to the Israeli airstrikes against innocent Palestinian civilians. Politicians, religious scholars and high ranking officials lead the protest demanding all Arab countries to stand with their Palestinian brothers with actions rather than with words. Yemen condemned the Israeli air strikes pounding Gaza Strip for the third consecutive day killing more than 400 Palestinians and injuring over 2000.

An official source expressed the condemnation of the Yemeni government and people for the ugliest Israeli aggression on Gaza which came after a one and a half year blockade of Gaza

Yemen condemned all Israeli actions against innocent and unarmed people in the Gaza strip which contradict with humane principles and international accords, the source said.

The source criticized the Arab unjustified silence and international attitudes towards what is happening in the strip.

Yemen called on the international community to assume its responsibility to stop Israeli attacks on the strip and lift the blockade it has been under since June 2007, the source said.

In relation to the ongoing Israeli strikes, President Ali Abdullah Saleh has called for an Arab emergency summit to discuss the last raids on Gaza.

President Saleh urged all Arabs to have a united voice towards the sufferings of the Palestinians in Gaza, in an effort to stop what he says is a severe violation of the resolutions of the international legitimacy.

Many demonstrations were held Sunday in various governorates denouncing the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip.

Demonstrations were organized by political parties and civil society organizations.

However, Arab Foreign ministers' meeting has been delayed until Wednesday.